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Iqbal Haider


Those in medical field understand the concept
of circadian rhythm and pituitary adrenal axis and the
resultant alterations in the cortisol and ACTH levels
during the day and night time. On a similar analogy in
the life of a medical practitioner, there is an axis between
the efficient performance and the ability of the body to
reconcile with the physical toll incurred thereof in the
delivery of this service. We all feel fresh and even have
a cringe for moving the mountains early in the morning
but even a small ruffle and hassle from a child at night
make us uncomfortable after a day-long ritual of ward
round, OPD, administrative jigsaw and of course the
unending saga of institutional or private practice.

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Haider, I. (2019). PRACTICING PHYSCIAN’S BURNOUT IN PAKISTAN. Journal of Medical Sciences, 27(2), 69–70. Retrieved from

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