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Masroor Badshah
Mamoon Qadir
Jamshid Husnain
Roger Soames
Zahid Iqbal


Objectives: To study the coronary blood supply and its anatomical variations in a population of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
in Pakistan.
Material and Methods: A retrospective analysis of cardiac patients registered for treatment at Peshawar Institute of
Medical Sciences, Hayatabad, Peshawar was conducted. The angiographic reports were made by consultant radiologists
and consultant interventional cardiologists. Data from the reports were recorded on specially designed registers
and analyzed using SPSS (version 18.0).
Results: Angiographs of 197 patients were analyzed of which 123 were males and 74 females. In 62% (n=122.14)
the blood supply of heart was right side dominant. Regarding the anatomy of the coronary arteries 11% (n=21.67) of
patients showed normal anatomical variants, while anomalous arteries were observed in 2% (n=3.94) cases.
Conclusion: This study demonstrates that there is no significant difference regarding the normal anatomical variations
of coronary arteries and its anomalies between males and females. The arterial supply of the heart of the population
studied is very similar as reported in the literature. It is recommended that similar studies should be conducted in order
to understand the anatomy of the coronary arteries, as well as other structures, in different local populations to assist
in evaluation and determination of invasive procedures.

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