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Mohammad Faheem
Ibrahim Shah
Jabar Ali
Muhammad Adil
Zahur Ahmad
Mohammad Hafizullah


Objectives: To find the frequency of dual antiplatelet resistance in patients with coronary artery disease.
Material and Methods: This study was conducted in the Department of Cardiology, Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar,
from January 2007 to February 2008. A total of 105 normal individuals not taking any anti platelet drug and 108
patients taking dual anti platelet drugs for coronary artery diseases were included. Blood was taken for measuring
platelet aggregation using whole blood aggregometer and results were recorded on a proforma. Patients who were
on warfarin and heparin were excluded from the study. Chi-square and independent t-test were used to find
significant differences between different groups and variables.
Results: Platelet aggregability in 105 normal subjects, not taking aspirin was 9.28±3.23ohms. So cutoff for dual anti
platelet non responsiveness was taken as 9.28-3.23=6.0 ohms. Patients who were taking dual antiplatelets were
108. Their mean age was 51.94±8.36 years. Male were 64(59.3%) and female were 44(40.7%). Mean aggregability of
all these patients was found to be 3.91±3.50 ohms. Patients having aggregability of >6 ohms (dual antiplatelets
resistance) were 29.6% (n=32), while patients having aggregability of < 6 ohms (dual antiplatelets sensitive) were70.4%
(n=76). Mean aggregability of sensitive patients was 2.06±1.76 ohms, while mean aggregability of resistant patients
was 8.31±2.55 ohms. Mean aggregability of all the male patients was 4.00±3.38 ohms, while mean aggregability of
female patients was 3.79±3.70 ohms. (p=0.769). When age was correlated with aggregability, both have a weak
positive correlation r= .121(p=0.213).
Conclusion: Dual anti platelet resistance as defined by inhibition of platelet aggregation measured with Whole
Blood Aggregometery, is a common problem. Gender and age has no significant affect on platelet aggregability.

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Faheem, M., Shah, I., Ali, J., Adil, M., Ahmad, Z., & Hafizullah, M. (2012). FREQUENCY OF DUAL ANTI PLATELET RESISTANCE IN PATIENTS WITH CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE. Journal of Medical Sciences, 20(4), 176–180. Retrieved from

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