Frequency of meconium stained liqour in patients with postdates pregnancy

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Tayaba Mazhar
Rizwana Arif
Shahnaz Jabeen





To determine the frequency of meconium stained liqour in patients having gestation period of more than 40 weeks.

Material and Methods

This is a retrospective chart review of 495 patients treated at Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar Pakistan from September 2017 to September 2019. All the cases were identified from the medical record maintained at the Department. Laboring women having gestational age of more than 40 weeks were included in the study.


A total of 495 patients were included in the study. The Frequency of meconium stained remained high (67.47%). Mean gestational age was 40 weeks with the SD of ± 1.084 weeks. With Primis (39.2%) and multis (60.8%), incidence of spontaneous labour was high (60%) as compared to induced labour (39.5%). Presence of meconium and fetal distress lead to high number of cesarean deliveries (64%). Out of total cases (334) delivered with meconium stained liquor, majority of cases (76%) were of grade 3MSL (39.5%) and grade 2 MSL (36.5%) respectively. 63.7% of cases led to cesarean deliveries.


Postdates pregnancy is a key factor causing meconium stained liqour. Timely induction of labour at 41 weeks of gestation is advised.


Meconium stained liquor, postdates pregnancy, Meconium aspiration syndrome.

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Mazhar, T., Arif, R., & Jabeen, S. (2021). Frequency of meconium stained liqour in patients with postdates pregnancy. Journal of Medical Sciences, 29(02), 93–97.
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