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Nizamud din
Jamal ud Din
Bugdad Khan
Zahid Muhammad Wazir


Objective: To evaluate the frequency of restrictive pulmonary dysfunction in patients with Type-2 diabetes Mellitus,
irrespective of their Body Mass Index, profession and anti-Diabetic Medication.
Material and Methods: This descriptive, cross sectional, single center study was conducted in department of medicine,
Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar, Pakistan from March 2012 to March 2013. Total 460 patients, with mean age of
50±1.26 years, were enrolled in the study by non–probability consecutive sampling. After taking informed consent and
recording the demographic profile of the patients, diagnosis of restrictive pulmonary dysfunction was established by
performing pulmonary function tests using digital spirometer. Data was entered into Microsoft excel 2007 and analyzed
using SPSS.
Results: Among460 patients, 320 (70%) were male and140 (30%) were female. Restrictive pulmonary dysfunction was
recorded in 120 (26%) patients, while 340 (74%) patients had no dysfunction in study group. Out of 120 patients with
restrictive pulmonary dysfunction, 88 were male and 32 were female. Mean duration of Type-2 diabetes Mellitus was
22 ± 2.14 years and there was a clear correlation of restrictive pulmonary dysfunction with the duration of diabetes,
having p-value of 0.003.
Conclusion: Restrictive pulmonary dysfunction is a well-known significant complication of Type-2 diabetes mellitus.

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din, N., Din, J. ud, Khan, B., & Wazir, Z. M. (2017). RESTRICTIVE PULMONARY DYSFUNCTION IN PATIENTS WITH TYPE-2 DIABETES MELLITUS. Journal of Medical Sciences, 25(1), 37–40. Retrieved from