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Zahidullah Khan
Noor Muhammad
Zahid Fida
Wazir Muhammad
Inam Ullah Khan
Aliena Badshah


Objectives: To identify the factors precipitating heart failure(HF) in patient admitted in a tertiary care hospital.
Material and Methods: This study cross sectional, retrospective, observational single center study was carried out in
the department of medicine Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar - Pakistan from April 2017 to March 2018. The total
sample size was 151, keeping 8% margin of error and 95% confidence interval. All the patients were either diagnosed
as CCF in ward/OPD or previously diagnosed and came to ward with other complaints. All admitted patients or patients
seen in OPD were included in study.
Results: A total of 151 already diagnosed congestive cardiac failure patients were enrolled in the study. Out of 151
patients, 86 were male and 65 were female. The age distribution amongst study group was 25 to 65 years. The mean
age of the patients was 51.5±12.5SD years. Minimum age of the patients was 17 years and maximum age was 75
years. The major factors causing exacerbation of previously stable heart failure were poor drug compliance (34%),
Infection (34%), uncontrolled hypertension (33%), uncontrolled diabetes mellitus (32%), new onset arrhythmia (29%),
new onset ischemia (26%), anemia (23%), deranged renal function tests (13%),Hyperthyroidism (09%), fluid retaining
drugs (06%) and hypothyroidism (03%.)
Conclusion: Poor drug compliance, infection and uncontrolled hypertension/diabetes mellitus are the commonest
causes leading to heart failure. Proper patient education, unnecessary medications and timely follow up can reduce
the rate of hospital admission and possible mortality

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Khan, Z., Muhammad, N., Fida, Z., Muhammad, W., Khan, I. U., & Badshah, A. (2019). FACTORS PRECIPITATING CHRONIC HEART FAILURE. STUDY IN TERTIARY CARE HOSPITAL. Journal of Medical Sciences, 27(3), 220–224. Retrieved from https://jmedsci.com/index.php/Jmedsci/article/view/737

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