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Safia Rehman
Samiyah Rahman
Shahtaj Khan
Neelum Ahmad
Noor Rahman


Objectives: To determine the frequency of thrombocytopenia in chronic HCV positive patients .
Material and Methods: In this study a total of 138 patients with hepatitis C , referred from other units of Hayatabad
Medical Complex were included in the study October 2016 to April 2017. After the explanation of the study, written
informed consent was obtained from each study subject. 2ml blood sample was collected in the EDTA tube. Complete
blood count showing platelet count was obtained through Sysmex analyzer (Japan). The peripheral smear was made to
look for the exact count of platelets. Demographic and clinical data of the patient including age, socioeconomic status,
occupation, and education level gender and platelet count were recorded and entered in a predesigned proforma. The
diagnosis of HCV status was done on ELISA and confirmed on PCR.
Results: Our study shows that mean age was 39 years with SD ± 10.24. Fifty nine percent patients were male and 41%
patients were female. More over 22% patients had thrombocytopenia and 38% patients did not have thrombocytopenia.
Conclusion: The frequency of thrombocytopenia was significantly higher in patients presenting with hepatitis C virus

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Rehman, S., Rahman, S., Khan, S., Ahmad, N., & Rahman, N. (2019). FREQUENCY OF THROMBOCYTOPENIA IN HEPATITIS C PATIENTS. Journal of Medical Sciences, 27(3), 190–193. Retrieved from