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Iqbal Haider
Bushra Amin
Aliena Badshah
Arif Raza


Background: Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths worldwide. Cirrhosis and
chronic hepatitis due to any cause are the main etiologic factors for the rising trend in Hepatocellular carcinoma globally.
The recent advances in the field of medicine have shown promising perspective in the management of this disease.
Aims and objectives: The following preview will highlight the causes and diagnosis of hepatocelluar carcinoma. This
discussion will also outline and discuss current updated approaches to patient care in clinical setting.
Material and Methods: A narrative literature review utilizing PubMed, Google Scholar and OVID as databases was
carried out in September 2018. Keywords used were: “Hepatocellular carcinoma”, “Management update in Hepatocellular
carcinoma”, “Workup of Hepatocellular carcinoma” and “Treatment modalities for Hepatocellular carcinoma”. This
literature search was confined only to studies performed on human beings and published in English language only.

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Haider, I., Amin, B., Badshah, A., & Raza, A. (2019). HEPATOCELLULAR CARCINOMA: MANAGEMENT UPDATE. Journal of Medical Sciences, 27(1), 52–60. Retrieved from https://jmedsci.com/index.php/Jmedsci/article/view/644

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