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Arif Raza Khan
Muhammad Hafeez
Asad Ullah Arif


Objectives: To compare the operative time and postoperative outcomes in thyroid surgeries using ultrasonic cutting
with conventional diathermy dissection.
Material and Methods: This prospective study was conducted in Abaseen Hospital, Peshawar, Pakistan from April
2018 to December 2018. Ethical approval was taken from the hospital administration. After taking informed consents
from the patients, these were divided into two groups by lottery system. The patients operated with Ultrasonic Cutting
device (UCD) were labelled as Group A and Conventional Diathermy dissection (CDD) as Group B. The operative time
and outcome of thyroid surgeries were assessed and compared between the two groups.
Results: Total of 4 males and 15 females underwent thyroid surgeries during the study period with age ranging from
25 to 70 years ,the operative time in Ultrasonic Cutting device (UCD)was less than Conventional Diathermy dissection
(CDD) group (100.15 minutes vs 150 minutes p=0.06).The cumulative mean amount of drain was found to be less in
UCD group ,the difference was statistically significant ( 80.5 ml vs 133.05 ml p=0.00018).The drain was removed earlier
in UCD group ,this comparison was also statistically significant (2.5 days in UCD group vs 3.02 days in CDD group,
p=0.00007).The mean pain score was fond to be statistically significant on all the postoperative days in UCD group.
Conclusion: Less operative time, reduce postoperative pain and minimal complications were recorded in patients who
undergone thyroid surgery by Ultrasonic Cutting Scalpel than Conventional method.

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