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Farooq Ahmad


The professional attributes of doctors are defined
in GMC`s “Tomorrow`s doctor”, WHO`s “Five Star
doctor’, CANMED`s competency framework, ACGME`s
competency framework and many other frameworks defined
by different regulatory bodies around the world1-4.
All these competencies revolve around knowledge,
skills and attitudes. The curricula prepared by these
bodies highlight these competencies. The competencies
achieved by the exiting medical professionals are
exhibited at their workplace. Lack of these competencies
so far will result in lack of cognitive abilities on part
of medical professional, lack of appropriate technical
and professional skills and lack of attitudes while dealing
with patients, caregivers, colleagues, seniors, peers
and junior colleagues. These ailments can be termed
as Hypocognitivism, Hyposkillia and Hypoaffectivity
respectively. Collectively, these can be called Hypoprofessionalism.

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