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Mushtaq Ahmad
Asif Ali
Farooq Khan
Mazhar Khan
Sara Khan
Shella Faridoon


Objective: To determine the efficacy of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) for choledocholithiasis.
Material and Methods: This was a descriptive case series study conducted at Surgical A Unit, Medical Training Institute,
Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar, Pakistan in which a total of 127 patients were observed. All patients with CBD
stones were scheduled for ERCP. Both genders (male & females) and adult age group (above 18 years) were included.
All subjects were subjected to complete history and clinical examination. ERCP was performed under sedation using
propofol and antibiotic prophylaxis. Patients with no complications after 5 hours of admission were discharged from
the hospital. All ERCPs were performed by single experienced gastroenterologist having 7 years of experience. All patients
were followed up on 3rd post operative day and a repeat ultrasound (U/S) was done to confirm stone clearance
in CBD. Frequencies and percentages were calculated for categorical variables like gender and efficacy. Efficacy of
ERCP was stratified among age and gender to see the effect modifications using chi square test. P value ? 0.05 was
considered significant in all analyses.
Results: A total of 127 patients were included in this study. Mean age was 42 years with SD ± 2.716. Thirty eight
percent patients were male while (62%) patients were female. ERCP was effective in 104 (82%) patients. No statistical
difference of efficacy was found with age and gender as the p value was (0.91, 0.74 respectively).
Conclusion: Our study concludes that endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography was 82% effective for choledocholithiasis

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Journal, A., Ahmad, M., Ali, A., Khan, F., Khan, M., Khan, S., & Faridoon, S. (2018). EFFICACY OF ENDOSCOPIC RETROGRAGE CHOLANGIOPANCREATOGRAPHY FOR CHOLEDOCHOLITHIASIS. Journal of Medical Sciences, 26(1), 37–40. Retrieved from https://jmedsci.com/index.php/Jmedsci/article/view/489

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