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Noor-ul- Hadi
Zaka Ullah
Khursheed H. Awan
Naveed Iqbal


Objective: To determine the frequency of various CT scan findings in cerebrovascular disease patients at Post Graduate
Medical Institute, Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar.
Materials and Methods: This was a descriptive study conducted at the Radiology Department of Hayatabad Medical
Complex, Peshawar over a period of twelve months (from June 2007 to May 2008). Adult patients of either sex
suffering from stroke and referred for CT scan examination of the brain, were included in the study. Various CT scan
findings were noted.
Results: Out of 100 patients, 70 were male and 30 were female. Majority of patients, (n=45) were in the age range of
51-60 years. Twenty seven patients were known hypertensive and 17 patients were diabetic. On CT scan, cerebral
infarction was found in 85 cases and cerebral hemorrhage was found in 15 cases. Among the cases with infarction,
right temporo-parietal region was most commonly involved (n=13, 5.29%), while right basal ganglia (n=4, 26.66%) is
most commonly involved in patients with hemorrhagic stroke. Other regions of the brain are involved less frequently.
Conclusion: CT scan of brain showed that Ischemic stroke is more common than hemorrhagic stroke. Right temporoparietal
region was the most common area of infarction. In the hemorrhagic group, the right basal ganglia was
involved in the majority of cases. Stroke is more common in males and diabetes mellitus and hypertension are risk
factors for stroke.

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