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Arif Raza Khan
Sunia A. Khan
Asadullah A. Khan
Rashad Waheed


Objectives: To know the prevalence of infection in post tonsil ting patients.
Material and Methods: This case series study was conducted in the ENT Department of Khyber Teaching Hospital,
Peshawar for a period of 03years from June 2009 to June 2012. The total number of patients studied were
360.Conveniene sampling was done and patients were divided into two groups. Group A comprised 180 patents
who were given broad spectrum penicillin’s in oral form Group B comprised 180 patients with no antibiotics given
postoperatively, while anti inflammatory medicines were give to both of the groups.
Results: 120 adult males and 240 adult females were included. Age range was 12-35 years. Post operatively 20(5.5%)
of patients in group A had secondary hemorrhage whereas in group B 30(2.3%) patients had secondary
hemorrhage .In 15(4.1%) patient in group A had infection of tonsillar fossa while in 18(5.0%) of Group B suffered post
operative infection.
Conclusion: Strict adherance to sterlization techniques should reduced the postoperative infection burdens after
tonsillar surgery.

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Khan, A. R., Khan, S. A., Khan, A. A., & Waheed, R. (2012). PREVALENCE OF INFECTION IN TONSILLAR SURGERY. Journal of Medical Sciences, 20(4), 196–197. Retrieved from

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