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Muhammad Imran
Waheed Akhtar
Ridhwan Wahab
Fayaz Ur Rehman
Inayat Ur Rehman
Muhammad Naeem


Objective: To assess the outcome of Bilroth 1 procedure for complete gastric outlet obstruction after corrosive ingestion
in children.
Material and Method: This is a retrospective study of the outcome of Bilroth 1 procedure performed for corrosive injury
of upper gastrointestinal tract due to acid ingestion who presented to Pediatric Surgery unit from April 2015 to April
2016. Case records of all the patients who had a complete gastric outlet obstruction were reviewed and those who
had isolated gastric injury or stricture were made part of this study. All patients underwent Bilroth 1 as primary surgical
modality and same team of surgeons performed these surgeries.
Results: This study includes 21 patients of which 14 (66.6%) were males and 7 (33.33%) were females. Mean age was
from 3 years ± 1 years. The time interval between ingestion of acid and arrival in Pediatric Surgical unit ranged from
30 to 45 days. The mean time between surgery and presentation was 55 ± 7 days.
Conclusion: Gastric outlet obstruction due to acid ingestion should be managed surgically. Bilroth 1 should be the
procedure of choice for complete pyloric obstruction and severely injured gastric mucosa.

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Imran, M., Akhtar, W., Wahab, R., Rehman, F. U., Rehman, I. U., & Naeem, M. (2017). CORROSIVE INDUCED GASTRIC OUTLET OBSTRUCTION AND ITS SURGICAL MANAGEMENT. Journal of Medical Sciences, 25(3), 319–322. Retrieved from

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