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Hizbullah Jan
Muhammad salman Rafiq
Atta Ullah Khan
Hameed Khan Wazir
Tahir Saeed


Objective: To evaluate the morbidity and mortality rates in laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
Material and Methods: This retrospective descriptive study was carried out in surgical “D” ward Khyber Teaching Hospital,
Peshawar, from December 2012 to December 2014 in which 233 patients after fulfilling the inclusion and exclusion
criteria with symptomatic gallstones disease were enrolled. Demographics, complications of surgery and conversion
to open were reviewed from clinical notes and noted on a pre-designed proforma. Data were analyzed using SPSS
version 16 and results compared with other studies.
Results: A total of 233 patients were studied during the audit period. Of these 41(17.6%) were males and 192(82.4%)
were females. Mean age of patients was 36.56±11.32 years. Mean operating time was 56.57±13.95 minutes. Complications
encountered during the study include conversion to open cholecystectomy 2 (0.9%), epigastric port site
bleeding 3 (1.3%) and port site infection 6(2.5%). Mean hospital stay was 3.37±2.27 days. There were no cases of
umbilical port hernia, bile duct or colonic injury. No mortality was observed in our study.
Conclusion: The various data collected during the audit suggest that the results of laparoscopic cholecystectomy
carried in our unit are satisfactory.

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