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Zia Rahman
Muhammad Amjad
Bushra Iftikhar
Muhammad Ishtiaq
Sara Gul
Hamid Hussain


Objective: To find the prevalence of obesity and to assess relationship of obesity with diet activity among men in main city of District Charsadda.
Material and Methods: The study was conducted from March to September 2013. Four hundred males of age group 20-65 years were selected from main Charsadda City by multistage sampling. Data was collected for age, diet history, and then height and weight were measured and BMI was calculated using structured questionnaires. Analysis was done using SPSS program and results were evaluated in the light of research objectives.
Results: Results showed that there is 20% obesity in our study area, showing 37% prevalence below 40 years and 63% above 40 years age among men. The average caloric intake per week and per day was 22016 and 3145.15 calories
respectively; among the obese, 84% of men had high caloric intake whereas 95% of obese men had decreased physical activity as compared to normal men in the study population.
Conclusion: The high caloric intake showed positive correlation with obesity

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Rahman, Z., Amjad, M., Iftikhar, B., Ishtiaq, M., Gul, S., & Hussain, H. (2014). ROLE OF DIET IN DEVELOPMENT OF OBESITY. Journal of Medical Sciences, 22(3), 129–131. Retrieved from

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