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Asif Iqbal
Muhammad Idrees
Bilal Bashir
Mubashir Rehman
Omer Khan Orakzai


Objectives: To determine the keratometric readings, axial length of the eyeball and intraocular lens (IOL) power for adults and whether or not it is advisable to implant intraocular lenses without proper pre- operative assessment.
Material and Methods: It was aprospective Observational study conducted from March 2010 to January 2013. Setting; Community based Trust eye hospital in Tarakai village of District Swabi. All adult patients, undergoing cataract surgery with IOL implantation were included in the study after informed consent and fulfilling the inclusion and exclusion criteria.
Keratometric readings (K1 & K2), axial length and IOL power were calculated and data analyzed by using SPSS software database.
Results: Out of 1100 patients with cataract 554 (50.4%) were males and 546(49.6%) were females. Right eye was involved
in 597(54.3%) patients whereas; left eye was involved in 503 (45.7%) patients. Mean K1 reading was 44.81 D with minimum reading of 39.50 D, maximum of 52 D and range was 12.50 D. Mean K2 reading was 44.92 D with minimum reading of 37.50 D, maximum of 50.50 D and range was 13.00 D. 23.3% (n=257) patients had K1 reading between 44- 44.99 D whereas, 20.9% (n=230) patients had K2 reading between 45- 45.99D. Mean axial length reading was 23.11mm with minimum reading of 18.06mm, maximum of 31.81mm and range was 13.75mm. 36.6%(n=403) patients had axial length between 23-23.99 mm. Mean IOL power in diopters was 20.11 D with minimum power of -2.00 D, maximum of 36.50 D and range was 38.50 D. 21%(n=230) patients had IOL power between 20- 20.50 D.
Conclusion: There is a wide range of keratometric readings, axial length and IOL power. Therefore, the biometric readings vary greatly from patient to patient. Proper pre-operative biometric assessment is desirable for good post operative vision.

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Iqbal, A., Idrees, M., Bashir, B., Rehman, M., & Orakzai, O. K. (2014). BIOMETRIC ASSESSMENT AND INTRAOCULAR LENS POWER CALCULATION IN ADULTS. Journal of Medical Sciences, 22(3), 126–128. Retrieved from

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