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Muhammad Ishtiaq
Noor Jehan
Zia Ur Rehman
Muhammad Naeem
Rubeena Gul
Muhammad Amjad
Rab nawaz
Ghulam Sarwar Khan


Objective: To find the frequency of ear problems among Cherat coal miners.
Material and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted from October 2013 to March 2014 at Cherat. A sample size of 400 was selected through non-probability cluster sampling technique, in which the study area was divided into four clusters and then 40% coal miners were selected randomly. Coal miner’s having more than six months of coal mining job were included while those with less than six months were excluded. A structured pretested questionnaire was used to collect data after that data was analyzed and presented in forms of tables and graphs.
Results: Results showed that approximately 29% of coal miners had history of ear problems. 62.93% were due to lack of training, 32.76% to early 1-4 years of coal mining job, 67.24% to less than 30 years of miner’s age, and 67.24% for not using personnel protective measures.
Conclusion: The frequency of occupational ear problems showed strong relationship with age, duration of coal mining job, job satisfaction, coal mining training, knowledge regarding occupational safety and health practices, and with compliance of personnel protective devices.

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Ishtiaq, M., Jehan, N., Rehman, Z. U., Naeem, M., Gul, R., Amjad, M., nawaz, R., & Khan, G. S. (2014). FREQUENCY OF EAR PROBLEMS AMONG CHERAT COAL MINERS. Journal of Medical Sciences, 22(4), 189–192. Retrieved from

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