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Rehana Ambreen Hadi
Bushra Khan
Iqbal Anwar


Objectives: To determine indications of abdominal hysterectomy in our setup besides complications and final outcome in terms of patient satisfaction.
Material and Methods: The study period was from January 2012 to January 2013, conducted in Kuwait teaching hospital Peshawar, Pakistan. A total of 148 cases of abdominal hystrectomy done for benign conditions were analysed.
Results: One hundrerd and fortry-eight abdominal hysterectomies were done for benign conditions over a period of 1 year. Commonest indication (54.73%)was heavy irregular bleeding followed by pelvic masses (29.05%) mostly fibroids . The woman undergoing surgery were mostly para6 (56.08%) in 41 to 50 years age group (66.2%). The Usual preoperative risks were anemia , hypertension and diabetes while postoperative complications were haemorraghe and infection .
Conclusion: Abdominal hysterectomy performed in cases with proper indications reduces the morbidity and mortality in affected woman with improvement in their quality of life.

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