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Adnan Adnan
Saeed Khan
M. Javaid
Isteraj Shahabi
Ihsan ullah
Anwarul Haq


Objective: To know the etiology of Rhinogenic Headache and its management.
Material and Methods: This was a prospective study conducted on 18 patients who were diagnosed as contact point headaches, conducted in the department of ENT, Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar from January 2014 to December
Results: In our study 38% were females and 11% were males. On clinical examination 66% had septal spurs and 27% had enlarge inferior turbinates. The symptoms were relieved by septoplasty and inferior turbinectomy. Two patients after septoplasty and one after turbinectomy were not relieved of the symptoms.
Conclusion: Our experience demonstrates that this is an anatomic problem, no medicine can really help. These headaches can be very difficult to diagnose and as some anatomical nasal abnormalities play a very important role in rhinogenic headache, as long as a precise identification of the anatomical factor can be made. However, surgery can help bring relief from these types of headaches.

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Adnan, A., Khan, S., Javaid, M., Shahabi, I., ullah, I., & Haq, A. (2015). RHINOGENIC HEADACHE AND ITS MANAGEMENT. Journal of Medical Sciences, 23(4), 206–208. Retrieved from https://jmedsci.com/index.php/Jmedsci/article/view/239

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