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Abdur Rehman
Ghareeb Nawaz
Arif Raza Khan


Objectives: To assess the causes, pattern and outcome of traumatic perforation of tympanic membrane and its impact on hearing impairment.
Material and Methods: A prospective study of tympanic membrane perforation by trauma was conducted in ENT Departments of District Headquarter Hospital, Swabi and Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar from January 2010 to December 2011 in outpatient setting. A total of 91 cases were collected including 55 female and 36 male with age range from 2 years to 55 years.
Results: The major causes of traumatic perforation were open hand slap followed by penetrating injuries, road traffic accident, blast injury and baro trauma. The common site of perforation was posterior quadrant. 91% cases had a spontaneous healing during 3 month follow up.
Conclusion: The common cause of traumatic perforation of tympanic membrane in our setup is open hand slap. If not contaminated, spontaneous healing will occur within three months.

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Rehman, A., Nawaz, G., & Khan, A. R. (2015). TRAUMATIC PERFORATION OF TYMPANIC MEMBRANE. Journal of Medical Sciences, 23(4), 184–186. Retrieved from

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