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Muhammad Moiez
Hira Zahid
Rida Ashfaq
Saima Zareen
Beenish Altaf
Zakriya Rasheed


Objectives: Current study is designed to determine the frequency and association of blood groups and pre-hypertension among medical students.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted at Aziz Fatima Medical and Dental College Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. Hundred medical students of age 18 to 25 were enrolled from first year to final year MBBS by convenience sampling. Descriptive of the studied population was presented as mean and standard deviation (age, height, weight and blood pressure). Categorical variables like prehypertension is analysed as a dichotomous variable and is expressed as frequencies and percentages. Proportions were compared using Chi-square test. p?0.05 was taken statistically significant.

Results: Study reveal that blood group B was the most common blood group followed by O blood group. While AB blood group is least common blood group in our study.

Conclusion: Blood group B was the most common blood group of our studied population. Prehypertension is commonly found in subjects with blood group A followed by O.

Keywords: Blood group antigens, Pre-Hypertension

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Moiez, M. ., Zahid, H., Ashfaq, R. ., Zareen, S. ., Altaf, B., & Rasheed, Z. . (2023). FREQUENCY OF PRE-HYPERTENSION AMONG VARIOUS BLOOD GROUPS. Journal of Medical Sciences, 31(4), 266–269.