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Attaullah Khan
Hizbullah Jan
Muhammad Salman Rafiq
Rashid Waheed
Anum Wahid
Tarbia Hamid
Mah Muneer Khan


Objective: To evaluate the frequency of breast lumps both clinically and pathologically.
Material and Methods: This descriptive prospective study was carried out in Surgical "D" Ward, Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar. The study was carried out for one year from December 2014 to November 2015 in which all those patients between 16-60 years of age with breast lumps who presented to surgical OPD were included. But all those who presented with breast symptoms but no lumps and patients younger than 16 years and older than 60 years were excluded. They were interviewed and examined in detail for breast symptoms, investigated using breast ultrasonograghy
and if indicated mammography were performed. Later on underwent fine needle aspiration cytology or biopsies. All these information were noted on a predesigned proforma. Data were analyzed using SPSS version 16 and results were compared with other studies.
Results: Breast lump was the presenting complaint in 84 female patients. The commonest lesions observed were benign in 58(69%) patients out of 84 total patients and 26(30.9%) patients were having malignant lesions. Among benign
lesions Fibroadenoma were on the top in 32(38%) patients followed by fibrocystic changes in 15(17.9%) patients, breast abscess in 9(10.7%) and phylloides tumors in only 2(2.4%) patients. Out of 26 malignant cases 22(26.2%) were invasive ductal carcinoma, 3(3.6%) invasive lobular carcinoma and 1(1.1%) were medullary carcinoma.
Conclusion: Breast lump is the commonest presentation in patients with breast diseases. Majority of the breast lumps are benign followed by carcinoma breast according to our

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Khan, A., Jan, H., Rafiq, M. S., Waheed, R., Wahid, A., Hamid, T., & Khan, M. M. (2018). TYPES OF BREAST LUMPS IN A TERTIARY CARE HOSPITAL. Journal of Medical Sciences, 24(3), 133–135. Retrieved from https://jmedsci.com/index.php/Jmedsci/article/view/139

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