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Benash Altaf
Shireen Jawed
Rana Muhammad Tahir Salam
Samia Jawed


Background and Aims:Metabolic dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease is a new concept to replace NAFLD as it truly reflects metabolic dysregulation associated with fatty liver.  The aim of the study is to find the predictors of insulin resistance in term of mid upper arm circumference and triceps fold thickness in MAFLD subjects.

Methods and Results: This cross sectional study was conducted at King Edward Medical University in collaboration with Mayo hospital radiology out door patient department from 2016 to 2017 after taking Ethical approval from University (134/RC/KEMU). Total of 148 non diabetic subjects of aged 40-60 years with Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease diagnosed on ultrasonography were enrolled from Mayo hospital. Fasting blood glucose was measured to exclude the diabetic subjects. Mid upper arm circumference and triceps folds were measured following protocol. Subjects were divided into two groups i.e insulin resistant and non-insulin resistant group (NIR) using cutoff values of HOMAIR. HOMA-IR value ? 2.29 were taken as IR group while subject with HOMA-IR value < 2.29 were taken as NIR group.

Results:Study comprised of 148 NAFLD subjects of both genders. Out of total 148 subjects, 107 (72.3%) subjects were IR and 41 (27.7%) subjects were NIR. Spearman's Correlation did not showed statistically significant association of IR with mid arm circumference. ( P-value  0.70) and triceps fold IR (P- value  0.83).

Conclusion: Insulin resistance is not associated with triceps skin fold and mid arm circumference in obese individual. Triceps fold and mid upper arm circumference cannot be uses as clinical interpreter of IR in obese individuals.

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Altaf, B., Jawed, S., Salam, R. M. T., & Jawed, S. . (2022). PREDICTORS FOR INSULIN RESISTANCE IN METABOLIC DYSFUNCTION ASSOCIATED FATTY LIVER DISEASE. Journal of Medical Sciences, 30(01), 37–41.