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Rab Nawaz
Shahzad Ali Khan
Ghulam Sarwar Khan
Shah Nawaz
Fatima Nasir
Dr Tayyaba


Objective:  To evaluate the general status and functioning of health information system (HIS) in district Nowshera.

Methodology: An observational study was conducted in district Nowshera Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan between June 2015-2016.The study population included all districts, health information system (HIS) health workers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. District Nowshera was selected for the purpose on non probability sampling technique. The data collection instruments used in this study was adapted from the PRISM tool package that was modified for the purpose of this study.  

 Results A total of 30 health facilities of District Nowshera were assessed for Quality of Data and Use of Information through DHIS Diagnostic Tool. 60% of the health facilities compile DHIS data and 93% do not get feedback from DHO office. 94% of the health facilities have not displayed map of their catchment areas. 87% of the health facilities do not arrange meetings regarding the managerial issues. Regarding the use of information, no documentation is available in any health facility of the district. The DHIS workers were assessed and interpreted according to the scale of Mann-Whitney-U method. The organizational and behavioral assessment was done which was statically insignificant.

 Conclusion: There is an immediate need to install the system wide up gradation of technology and software. The manageable data would help the health personnel and managers to formulate the policies that would be helpful in up grading the standard of HIS and a universal HIS should be operated throughout the province.              

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Nawaz, R., Khan, S. A., Khan, G. S., Nawaz, S., Nasir, F., & Tayyaba, D. (2021). ASSESSMENT OF HEALTH INFORMATION SYSTEM IN DISTRICT NOWSHERA KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA, PAKISTAN. Journal of Medical Sciences, 29(02), 102–109.

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