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Muhammad Hamayun


“My medical education began three times. What
I learnt at medical school was no use in the hospital.
What I learnt in the hospital was no use in general
Julian Tudor Hart
Dr. Charles Boelen, Chief Medical Officer for
WHO’s Programme on Educational Development of
Human Resources for Health in Geneva, published an
article entitled “The Five Star Doctor” in the June 1993
issue of the WHO Journal of “Changing Medical
Education and Medical Practice”. The five-star doctor
is a care provider, decision-maker, excellent
communicator, community leader and a good
manager. Does the current system of undergraduate
and postgraduate medical education is capable of
producing such five star doctors remains a question
to be answered.
I have been in active clinical practice and
teaching for the last twenty five years and am among
the fortunate few who have seen the undergraduate
as well as postgraduate medical education system very
closely. I feel honored for being affiliated with one of
the premier medical institutes of the country so
understandably the quality of medical education at
present should be considered as among the best in
business. I am aware of the fact that the current
mechanism of teaching as well as training of students
has stood the test of time but what continue to intrigue
me remains the failure of the students in putting the
medical knowledge into bedside medicine for the
ultimate benefit of the patients. In the following lines, I
will try to put forward a few new innovations in medical
educations that remain in practice across the world.

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