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Samia Habib
Mubashara Saeed
Sania Shahid
Saba Ijaz
Anum Javaid
Sumera Latif


Background: Pregnancy anemia is global health problem characterized as decrease in the total red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood during pregnancy. It is more prevalent among developing countries and may lead to maternal and fetal morbidity /mortality and low birth weight. Study aimed to assess dietary and socioeconomic factors associated with pregnancy anemia and its management.

Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional, descriptive study design was adapted using convenience sampling technique, involving 200 pregnant anemic women, during the period June-2018 to August- 2018 in different private and public sector hospitals of Punjab Pakistan. Data was collected through structured questionnaire and analyzed using SPSS version 20. 

Results showed that anemia was more prevalent (47.5%) among women aged 25-30 years. Significant associations were found between gestational period and respondent’ age (p=.021) & educational level (p= .000), between hemoglobin level of patient and educational level (p = .000) & location (p = .05), between tea/coffee consumption and educational level (p= .000) & location (p= .022), between protein diet consumption and age (p= .001), educational level (p= .000) & location (p= .000), between vegetables & fruits consumption and educational level (p= .003) and between treatment options& age (p=.015), education level (p=.000), and location (p=.000).

Conclusion: The study concluded that pregnant women of age group 25-30years were at high risk of anemia. It is more prevalent in uneducated women and those living in rural areas. Healthy and fresh balanced diet rich in iron is recommended for health and good growth of developing baby.



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SADEEQA, S., Habib, S., Saeed, M., Shahid, S., Ijaz, S., Javaid, A., & Latif, S. (2021). RISK FACTORS AND MANAGEMENT OF PREGNANCY ANEMIA. Journal of Medical Sciences, 29(03), 108–111. https://doi.org/10.52764/jms.

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