Urinary ascites: A rare cause of sudden onset ascites in a healthy individual

Jayanta Paul, Lorance Peter, Raj Vigna Venugopal

Department of Gastroenterology, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, India


Urinary ascites is a rare condition associated with intra-peritoneal bladder perforation. A middle-aged woman presented with sudden onset of abdominal pain, ascites and decreased urine output. Evaluation revealed mild hepatomegaly, elevated serum creatinine, and hematuria. Ascitic fluid analysis showed high creatinine value suggesting urinary ascites. CT cystography confirmed bladder rupture. This case report highlights that in case of sudden onset ascites, abdominal pain, oliguria and biochemical features of acute renal failure, urinary bladder rupture should be considered in differential diagnosis.

Keywords: Sudden onset of ascites, Urinary ascites, Urinary bladder rupture, CT cystography

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