Muhammad Attaullah Khan, Muhammad Muslim, Mushtaq Ahmed, Nisar Ahmed, Mahmud Aurangzeb, Mohammad Zarin, Saqib Saleem Afridi

Department of Surgery, Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar - Pakistan


Objective: To study the pattern of abdominal injuries in bomb blast patients.
Material and methods: This retrospective study was done in surgical department of Khyber teaching hospital from
April 2012 to June 2015. Record of bomb blast injury patient was reviewed and details of abdominal injuries were sorted
out. Bomb blast patients with abdominal injuries admitted in general surgery department were included in our study.
Patients with no abdominal injuries or admitted in other specialty units were excluded from the study.
Results: Total 73 patients of bomb blast injuries presented to emergency department in the above mentioned period,
from where 56 were referred to general surgery unit for admission. Out of 56 patients admitted, 47 patients had
abdominal injuries. Abdominal wall injuries not breaching the peritoneum were found in 12 patients while 41 patients
had abdominal wall injuries breaching the peritoneum. Three patients had no obvious abdominal wall injuries but got
intra-abdominal visceral injuries.
Conclusion: A low threshold for operative intervention should be kept in mind because of the complex intra-abdominal
injury produced by bomb blasts. Close observation and serial monitoring in important because of delayed rupture of
gastrointestinal wall hematoma.

Keywords: Bomb blast injuries. Abdominal injuries, peritoneum, blast effect

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