Muhammad Amjad, Muhammad Amin, Muhammad Amanullah

Department of Statistics, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan - Pakistan


Objective: To determine the risk factors for the type of bone disease (back bone, other bone, jointly bones) in the
population of District Multan, Pakistan.
Material & Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in Nishtar hospital Multan at bone disease ward to
explore the major factors for the type of bone diseases in Multan, Pakistan. We surveyed 400 patients diagnosed for
bone diseases from December 2014 to May 2015. The chi-square test was used to find the associated factors for type
of bone diseases. The data was analysis by using SPSS-19 software.
Results: In our data 164 males and 236 females suffering in bone diseases.8% back bone, 31.3% other bones and
6% jointly bones patients having no education. 54.3% married persons, 61% urban area people, 50.8% low income
people, 75.3% family history patients, 37.8% B+ blood group, 67.8% smokers, 79.8% not take exercise patients, 48%
have low level of protein, 68% have normal range of globulin, 70% have low level of calcium, 79.8% patients not use fish
and 52.8% have normal weight patients suffering in bone diseases. On the basis of p-value, we have found that gender
(P=0.004), smoking (P=0.012), uses of fish (P=0.026), weight (P=0.007), height (P=0.017), a/g ratio (P=0.000) and
calcium (P=0.024) are statistically significant factors for bone diseases. While age (P=0.169), marital status (P=0.957),
districts (P=0.508), area (P=0.126), income (P=0.416), education level (P=0.475), family history (P=0.851), uses of
fruits (P=0.273), uses of milk (P=0.293), bitter fruits (P=0.873), blood group (P=0.176), exercise (P=0.544), protein
(P=0.641), globulin (P=0.407), serum album (P=0.994), phosphors (P=0.547), uses of eggs (P=0.309), accident
(P=0.496) and BMI (P=0.424) are the insignificant factors.
Conclusions: Gender, smoking, uses of fish, weight, height, A/G ratio and calcium are the significant factors of type
of bone diseases.

Keywords: Bone diseases, Associated Factors, Chi-square test

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